Terms & Conditions

October 02 – 10, 2015

Bloemfontein – cnr Magraaff and Elizabeth

Terms and Conditions


  1. The selection committee reserves the right to approve and dis-approve the application.
  2. The Department of Sport, Art, Culture and Recreation will subsidize exhibitors from the Free State who are registered in the Departments Database – and exhibitors will be expected to pay R300 per Stall (registration fee).
  3. The Exhibitors from outside the Free State will be expected to pay R1 500 per stall,
  4. Payments for the selected Exhibitors must be made not later than 29th September 2015; late payments after the 29th September will not be accepted and the deposit will be forfeited.
  5. No cash or registration will be accepted on site, the Organizers on confirmation of your selection, will provide an Account where registration will be paid.
  6. You can only get the account details from the Organizers, if you are not called by the Organizers don’t pay any amount in the account otherwise your money will not be refunded.
  7. No other arrangements will be entered into for registration, except in cases where the Sponsor pays for the exhibitor. Only application forms with commitment letters will be accepted on the original letterhead of the Sponsor for reservation of stalls . However stalls will not be allocated until confirmation of payment is received on the 29th September 2015.
  8. Food Stalls, Visual Artists and Corporates stalls are registered separately, by contacting the Organizers.


  1. Venue – corner Elizabeth and Magraaf Streets
  2. Stand size – 3m X 2m
  3. Shelf Scheme with Fascia name, power socket and light
  4. White walls
  5. Dates of Exhibitions:
  1. 01 Oct – 02 Build Up
  2. 03 Oct – Opening for the Public / Sales  
  3. 10 Oct (14h00) – Breakdown
  1. Times: Opening 08h30 Exhibitors / 09h00 Public and Closing 19h00
  2. NOTE: Saturday 10– Opening 09h00 and closing 14h00
  3. Only selected products will be exhibited on the stalls. No
  4. Each Exhibitor has a responsibility to look after their stall, organizers takes no responsibility of loss of items during the exhibitions.
  5. No staff or products may be removed from the stall before the closing time
  6. Stalls are allocated according to the Organizers plans; no preference will be given to any exhibitor unless arranged in time with the Organizers.


  • An Exhibitor can only participate by filling an application form and submitting it to the provided contacts. Upon which the Organizers will be in contact with the applicant and verify the contents of the application.
  • Exhibitors who are subsidized by the Department of Sports, Arts, Culture and Recreation are subject to selection processes that happen in the Districts.
  • The Organizers provide basic infrastructure for purposes of exhibiting, this provision comes with a power supply for appliances like laptop, computer, and additional lighting brought by the Exhibitor.
  • Power supply is NOT to be used for kettles and heaters or any other heavy current machinery.
  • The Organizers provide 24 hour security on site, therefore the Exhibitor is advised to collect all the loose items and valuables, as most of the security provided is outsourced and no assurance of individual officers can be committed to.
  • Exhibitors are welcome to bring additional marketing material.
  • Exhibitors are allowed to bring their own mobile stalls provided that those mobile stalls have own power supply and water. There electricity and water supply is concentrated to the main structure and there will be NO permission to draw extensions.

2.1    Compliance

4.1.1     The applicant must be a small, medium, or micro enterprise, Marketing Agent, Galleries

            No Traders

4.1.2     The Company / Individual must be a legal entity or sole proprietor and registered as a      legal entity.

4.1.3     Arts, crafts, décor, accessories, fashion, audio/visual, print are the only items permitted to be exhibited.

4.2.1       Each participant will be automatically assessed for Best Stall Display Award

    1. Quality of Product
    2. Must be hand-made craft item
    3. Aesthetic and Design of the product
    4. Use of Color
    5. Participation in the Traditional Fashion Show
    6. Presentation of the Stall




Goitsemang Pholo                                                                              Nomsa Mochochoko

0760286693                                                                                        0768475331

pholog@sacr.fs.gov.za                                                                        sacrnomsa@sacr.gmail.com

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